Wales Strategic Migration Partnership (WSMP)

Enabling a rights based approach to the inclusion of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Wales

Strategic Objectives

The Wales Strategic Migration Partnership (WSMP) is funded by Welsh Government (Inclusion Grant) and the Home Office (Enabling Grant) and is based at the Welsh Local Government Association. WMP is a partnership organisation aimed at providing an enabling function and a strategic leadership, independent, advisory and consultative body on migration in Wales. This allows sharing of expertise, diverse range of views and vital information minimising adverse impacts and maximising the benefits of migration.

  • Enable strategic and political oversight on asylum, refugee and economic migration issues in Wales - mechanism to link with national and UK structures.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, and identifying and facilitating opportunities for collaborative working and discussion and debate
  • Ensure positive local delivery and promotion of community cohesion.
  • Monitor migration impacts and trends, and raise awareness of issues, risks and opportunities with the regional/national area to inform policy.
  • Respond to national consultations.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of local and national migration policy.
  • Work with local delivery partners to design and oversee delivery of services that meet migrants' needs in Wales.
  • Engage and communicate with national, regional and local stakeholders.
  • Act as a conduit for two-way information flow between Home Office, other government departments and regional/national partners.
  • Engage Refugee Communities in developing policy.

WSMP Launches Expert Migration Briefings.

August 26 2014: The Wales Strategic Migration Partnership (WSMP) has today launched two new briefing papers on migration in Wales. The first papers in the series set out the existing data and research evidence on ‘Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Wales’ ‘International Migrants in Wales’ and also ‘Employment and Migration in Wales’. Briefings on Migration and Housing and Migration and Community Cohesion are now published and available here.

Annual report

Published on: 16 December 2012